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3 easy ways to confidently calm your child in a meltdown with Lidia Georgy

Parenting is hard work. Being a mum with two young boys, living through a divorce and trying to juggle a business, I have leaned on and searched for supportive people that have helped me thrive.

One person who has been my rock – is life coach Lidia Georgy – who’s focus is helping people create harmony in their homes.

I had a child who started school last year, with the turbulence of covid and adjusting to school – then home schooling and back to school – the meltdowns were frequent! And boy they were bad! Getting to school in the morning was a huge mission and I often felt physically and emotionally exhausted by 9am!

I’m sharing some of Lidia’s tips for dealing with these meltdowns so that they may help anyone with a child better able to manage their meltdowns.

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Katrene Halteh, lawyer, mother, human.