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Legal family cases involve a lot of conflicts and queries which only an experienced and professional family lawyer can resolve. The family lawyers of Sydney can help you deal with family law matters including divorce, parenting arrangements, child support and property matters. Our lawyers provide expert guidance to clients and explain the process in order to enable them to make informed decisions on legal matters.

Looking for reliable family lawyers in Sydney? Here at Urban Family Lawyers, our objective is to advise our clients on family law matters and help to resolve them. We stand by our clients and make sure they have got all the support and resources to make the right decisions. Having expert and timely legal advice can often help to resolve matters quicker.

Being among the top-rated family law firms in Sydney and Divorce Lawyers Sydney, we have managed to help hundreds of clients with their separation, parenting and children matters, child support agreements, property settlements and binding financial agreements . We use a professional approach to handle legal cases and counsel our clients. If you are dealing with an urgent family matter, it is best to seek our legal advice as soon as possible.

We understand that dealing with legal matters can be overwhelming for you. Divorce and separation issues can take a toll on your mental health, which is why we recommend taking the expert opinion of our family law lawyers in Sydney and Parenting Lawyers.

Urban Family Lawyers understand the repercussions and complications of legal matters. We are here to make sure that our clients get the care and guidance they deserve. We like to resolve matters as amicably as possible, however, we understand that sometimes that is not always the case. We are willing and able to ensure that we get the best outcomes possible for you if the matter is in court, why not speak to our family lawyers in Sydney today.

We are well-versed with the various practices of issues about with divorce, de facto relationships, child custody and parenting agreements and property settlements following separation.

Interested in hiring our services? Book a consultation session with us today. Give us a call on 0432 611 922 to discuss your legal matter. We provide confidential case evaluations for our clients.

What We Offer?

As the finest family law firm in Sydney and Child Support Lawyer, we believe in building trustworthy relationships with our clients. We offer a safe and comfortable environment for our clients so they can easily have an open discussion about their cases. It further allows us to understand their case more efficiently and weigh their options.

The best family law lawyers of Sydney and Prenup Lawyers are the one who focuses on maintaining concise communication and transparency in their services which is exactly what you’ll get at Urban Family Lawyers.

Benefits of hiring our services:

  • We stay focused on the legal tasks at hand
  • We offer client-centric legal services for quicker dispute resolutions
  • We develop an understanding of our client’s needs and personal circumstances
  • We identify the best options for our clients

Get dedicated services tailored to your needs.

Book a time to speak with a lawyer for a free and confidential 15 minute discussion about your options.

Going through a divorce or separation can be overwhelming.

You are busy with life, work, running a business and family and want to cut through the drama and get the facts firsthand.

You don’t waste time with conflicting opinions from well-meaning family and friends about what their friend down the road got and what you should be entitled to.

You want a lawyer that gets to know you and sets you on a path to success.

First step in our family law approach is to start with the groundwork. What makes your matter uniquely yours?

Learn what factors are relevant when it comes to property adjustments and parenting arrangements. What really counts?

You want to explore options for settlement to save on time and money so that you can rebuilt your life.

If going to court is what needs to be done, you want to make sure that you are listed to and your voice is heard. You don’t want a mouth piece, you want genuine advice and guidance based on experience.

Let us help you through the legal jargon and drama and help you plan the future you desire. 

Book your free 15 minute discovery call to find out what is right for you.

The sooner you have a plan of action, the better you will feel about the family law process and the path ahead.

What We Do


Have you and your spouse decided to go your separate way?

You can apply for divorce if you have been separated for more than 12 months and 1 day.

Contact us to find out how we can assist make the whole process simpler.

Children & Parenting

We help you make arrangements for child’s future. Whether it may be a parenting plan, parenting orders or via court proceedings, trust in the experience of our family lawyers to handle your needs. We can also advise on Binding Financial Agreements and Child Support Agreements.

Separating Assets

We provide sensible advice and guidance on how assets are divided following separation. Who pays the mortgage, what happens to the house, superannuation or business are all questions you want answered. Either by consent orders, financial agreement or court proceedings, we have expert Family Lawyers to steer you on the right path.

Wills & Estates

Protect your family by having a plan in place to handle your assets during and after your lifetime. We assist with Probate, Letters of Administration and Succession Act claims.


Buying, selling or transferring or altering property interests? We helps fulfil all your conveyancing needs.

Your First Consultation

Prior to your first consultation we offer a free 20 minute phone consultation to see if we are the right fit for you before your first consultation.