According to Australian law, all parents should contribute to the financial support and well-being of their children even if they are separated. If you have recently filed for divorce or already going through the process, then you can consider hiring a professional child support lawyer in Sydney and Family Law Firms Sydney.

The Child Support Agency manages standard child support assessments and payments. This often doesn’t cover everything and you may need to either challenge an assessment. You may on the other hand explore Binding Child Support Agreements to cover additional costs that may not be adequately provided for in a standard child support assessment such as private school fees, private health insurance, extra-curricular activities, dental and medical expenses.

A child support lawyer can aid you through the legal process to help support you after separation.

Urban Family Lawyers offers legal services to clients who are facing child custody issues. Our reputed child support lawyer in Sydney will help you achieve the desired outcome. The lawyers represent the clients involved in legal proceedings. We work extensively to explore plenty of options based on our client’s needs. We make them aware of their rights and resolve any potential issues that may arise during the process beforehand.

How Can We Help?

At Urban Family Lawyers, we combine our experience and knowledge to handle clients’ cases. We know dealing with family legal issues can be overwhelming for you, which is why we are here to help you understand the law and the possible consequences of your case.

Our child support lawyer and Prenuptial Agreement Nsw will work closely with you so that you can receive a viable outcome. If you want financial support from your spouse for your children, you can be confident knowing we have the access to the best legal resources and experienced lawyers to make it happen.

If you’re facing any issues regarding the custody of your children, let us know, our lawyers are ready to represent your case.

What We Do?

Our lawyers specialise in child support and child custody. We are backed with years of experience in handling delicate family legal matters. Our lawyers can organise child support payments for your children. They will negotiate on your behalf and determine new terms of the child support order.

Here is how we can help:

  • Explain legal issues and repercussions during each stage of the proceeding
  • Evaluate the case and provide legal advice
  • Calculate child support payments and handle the paperwork
  • Represent client in the court, if required
  • Negotiate on behalf of a client

Your child support lawyer will work with you along the way to simplify the situation and thoroughly assess your child support case. If you need more information on how the process works, we will be more than happy to sit with you and discuss everything. When you get immediate legal help from our lawyers, you can get the assurance that your child will receive the financial aid you need.

Get the best child custody support services. Write to us at [email protected] and let us assist you.