Parenting matters can be quite complicated in nature if you don’t have a good co-parenting relationship. For those that have a good co-parenting relationship and an agreement in place, we can assist by obtaining court orders that reflects any informal agreement or parenting plan that you have in place.

Urban Family Lawyers offers legal consultation services to help clients navigate through the somewhat exhausting process of parenting arragements and child custody cases.

If your ex-partner has remarried or not abiding by the existing parenting or custody agreement, our parenting lawyers can provide you with all the legal advice and guidance you need to take the next big step.

We help guide you to make the best decision for your family and assist you with any child support arrangements you can explore with your former partner.

If you are seeking more information about our services let our parenting lawyers and Family Law Lawyers Sydney assist you.Legal cases involving your children come with added stress and anxiety. With sound advice from our skilled lawyers, you can get peace of mind and a skilled representation of your case. We are committed to providing services for resolving parenting matters regardless of the complexity of the case.

We understand parents often worry about the impact of divorce and separation on their children. At this stage, our lawyers will help you make a smooth transition during the entire legal process.

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Work With The Best Child Custody Lawyers In Sydney

The reason our clients rely on us to handle their legal matters is due to the range of the highest level of services we provide. We have experienced and qualified family law specialists who provide and reliable legal services to their clients in Sydney.

Consult with our child custody lawyers and parenting lawyers in Sydney, Family Divorce Lawyers Sydney and get immediate help.

We offer the best possible legal options to our clients using which they can settle complex and sensitive legal matters with ease. Whether is a long-standing parenting arrangement conflict or consent problem, our lawyers treat each case with the utmost respect and sensitivity.

How Do We Work?

People often panic and resort to ineffective tactics when it comes to resolving legal matters. To prevent this, you can work with our professional child custody lawyers and settle your matters. We offer end-to-end legal services to enable our clients to put their best foot forward.

At Urban Family Lawyers, we are always there to help protect the rights of our clients. We care for the well-being of your family and you. To deal with sensitive family issues such as divorce and child support, we work to minimise the conflict as soon as possible.

Let our child custody lawyers in Sydney offer you expert legal advice so that you can secure your lawful entitlements. We use an extensive approach to develop a tailored approach according to the objectives and needs of our clients.

If you need assistance or resolutions to your enquiry, our expert lawyers can offer effective legal services.