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A couple can enter into prenup agreements, known as Binding Financial Agreements before they marry. The agreement specifically outlines how the assets are to be distributed/divided between the couple in case their marriage is terminated. At Urban Family Lawyers, our prenup lawyers offer comprehensive consulting services to clients in Peakhurst.

Our prenup lawyers will take care of everything right from preparing a draft for your prenuptial agreement to resolving any financial dispute as they may arise. We firmly believe that having a prenuptial agreement can help you protect your assets.

We are dedicated to serving our clients professionally and promptly. We help clients get through the overwhelming legal procedures and navigate through legal family matters. Our work begins by addressing the key concerns and issues of our clients to adopt a tailored approach. If you have any specific legal requirements, book a consultation with one of our lawyers via phone call or e-mail.

Prenuptial Agreement Peakhurst

A prenuptial agreement legally binds you and your spouse into a contract. The agreement carefully details how your assets will be divided if you get a divorce anytime in the future. All the essential financial issues are explained in the agreement, it clearly states whether you need to pay maintenance or take care of your spouse’s debt if you end up getting a divorce.

Importance of Prenuptial Agreement Peakhurst

  • Set precise details about your assets and resources
  • Eliminates the chances of any legal disputes
  • Offers complete peace of mind and tax benefits

We have specialist prenup lawyers inPeakhurst who offer the expertise and guidance on creating a foolproof agreement. If you are unsure about getting a prenup or need additional support, we will carefully consider your needs in order to provide a suitable solution.

Why Us?

Entering into a prenup is no doubt time-consuming. You can leave the hassle of setting the terms and conditions of your agreement on our expert lawyers. Once both the parties agree on the terms, we will draft a final prenup document to organise your assets and finances.

Binding Financial Agreement Peakhurst

You can enter into the Binding Financial Agreement in Peakhurst at any stage of your relationship- before or after your marriage. This agreement specifically addresses the state of your finances and assets in the event of a divorce.

The role of a binding financial agreement is to protect your property and assets. There are certain legal requirements that your binding financial agreement must meet. For this, you can get independent legal advice from Urban Family Lawyers. The agreement also needs to be reviewed after every 24 months or in any significant event.

Having a professionally written and executed Binding Financial Agreement in Peakhurst provides certainty to both the parties and helps avoid unnecessary legal conflicts in the future.

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