Save thousands of dollars on legal fees with our one of a kind innovative property settlement entitlement estimator. Created by Urban Family Layers and More4Life Financial Services, this calculator has been designed to get you on the right path to resolving your matter without going to court.

Jump on and discover what you and your partner are entitled to following a separation.

We ask all the questions your lawyer would at the outset of the matter – now you can get a head start and save thousands before your first appointment.

Separation Settlement Calculator

Important Advice:

This calculator is designed as a starting point for people who are curious about what their entitlements might be before seeking legal advice specific to their circumstances. There are numerous factors that go into deciding property settlement matters and this calculator takes into account some of these factors but not all the intricacies of any particular case.

Courts have a wide discretion when it comes to cases before them. The final stage of the process involves identifying whether the property adjustment or no adjustment is fair. In a small number of cases, this may result in more generous property adjustments in favour of one party, than would ordinarily occur.

The contents of this page and the calculations do not constitute legal advice, are not intended to be a substitute for legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. You should seek legal advice or other professional advice in relation to your circumstances. The results are based on your inputs and interprets the information supplied by you. We encourage you to seek legal advice prior to reaching any agreements.


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Partner 1

Partner 2

Names (optional):

Initial Financial Status at Start of Marriage:

What each Partner brought into the marriage at the start.



Superannuation Savings

Per Partner Initial Net Worth:

Total Initial Net Worth:

Current Financial Status at End of Marriage:

Joint financial status of the Partnership.

Total Joint Assets

Total Joint Liabilities

Superannuation Savings

Current Annual Incomes:

Total Current Net Worth:

Length of the Relationship:

How many years married:


Details of children under 18 years old involved in the relationship.

Total number of children under 13 years:

Total number of children age 13-17 years:

Percentage of child caring responsibilities (%):

% %

Lump Sum Allocations:

A lump sum allocation of assets to cover special circumstances.

Partner 1

Partner 2

Lump sum allocations:

Other Factors Allocations:

A % allocation of assets to cover special circumstances.
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Partner 1

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% Special Allocations of Total Net Worth:



Estimated Total Final Settlements:

Partner 1 Estimated Settlement Range:


Partner 2 Estimated Settlement Range:


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